Who wears flower drapes better: Mrs. Doubtfire or Kim Kardashian?

Drapes are where it’s at now, and, unfortunately, this does not indicate cutting down your drapes and turning them into a dress, as Scarlett O Hara memorably does when she goes to check out Rhett Butler in Gone With the Wind (still my preferred fashion recommendation bog off, Breakfast at Tiffany’s and your dull black dresses, offer me crazy-eyed Scarlett wearing a set of old velvet drapes any day.) It indicates oversized floral, the sort normally found on curtains in the homes of magnificent elderly family members, worn all over your individual. Your design icon for this is Adele in her newest video, Send My Love (To Your New Lover) which, honestly, seems like a parody of an Adele tune title, however no matter, let’s focus on the frock.

Adele’s dress is stunning, as you d hope it would be, considered that it’s from Dolce & Gabbana and therefore cost about 5,000 but then, as anybody who’s ever checked out Knightsbridge, Dubai or Moscow knows, high rates on designer clothing are no warranty of style. It likewise bears a striking similarity to the much-mocked flower Givenchy dress Kim Kardashian used to the Met Ball in 2013 when she was greatly pregnant, and this resemblance provides us with three possible lessons, depending upon your feelings for the Kardashian household. First, if you are Team Kardashian, you can state that this proves Kim was just ahead of her time. If you are anti-Kardashian, say Kim’s dress was hideous and Adele has actually shown us how to wear floral effectively. And if you are me about the whole thing, you can state they both look like Mrs. Doubtfire and let’s have no more of this nonsense.

I’m with number 3 here because, as the late and much missed Robin Williams memorably said, he wore floral in Mrs. Doubtfire much better than Kardashian at the Met Ball, and he certainly did, because he was Robin Williams and she’s Kim Kardashian. Can Kim make unhappy school children stand on their desks? The point is, these floral are frumpy and unless you’re as lovely as Adele, most of us will look like Robin Williams in a dress.

There’s a great deal of guff in style magazines about how frumpy trends like this are actually feminist because they’re not about looking hot. This is gold-plated rubbish. The reality is, these frumpy trends floral, mid-length skirts, heavy tweeds, etc are, if anything, a lot more elitist than the usual style looks because only the remarkably thin and pretty can wear them without resembling a male comedian in bad drag, and yes, obviously, I am speaking from experience here.

It s a shame, because these are exactly the kinds of clothes I like: the ones that aren’t screamingly apparent in their requirement for approval, the ones that are made to appeal more to women than guys. But while drapes might be the appearance of the season, I d choose to watch Robin Williams than really resemble him.

Why is the fashion business so besotted by Kim Kardashian?

Yes, it’s a Kardashian unique today. Wait, exactly what do I imply this week? Every week is Kardashian Week because this is their world and we’re just residing in it.

You are rather ideal, Catherine: the style world is so entranced by Kim K these days that it is all however slurping spaghetti with her, Lady and the Tramp-style, and the only reason it isn’t is because none of the people in this relationship do carbohydrates. In the past few weeks Kim lectured at Vogue Festival in London, where she thrillingly exposed that contouring is over; she attended the Vogue 100 Gala; she went to the Met Ball in New York, welcomed by US Vogue s Anna Wintour.

Simply as a suggestion here that Kim is well-known for 3 factors: one, her dad was buddies with OJ Simpson; two, she was the victim of a sex-tape leak in 2006; three, her family has a reality TELEVISION show. None of these are the typical courses towards the fashion world’s snooty heart, and I discover it honestly admirable how the Kardashians, through sheer wild-eyed decision, have actually made them so.

The brief answer to Kim’s appeal among fashion folk is social media. Kim’s one proven ability is mastering social media, and the style world has actually flocked towards her, desperate for the likes.